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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Girding the Next Generation to continue the fight

So we march on into the teeth of an educational establishment, a large contingent of government types and a compliant media to spread the gospel of compression exceeding 9:1, leaky rope style rear main seals, 100 octane fuel and manual transmissions content to top out at 1:1 insted of .75:1.
This is our fight. To help those left to represent us in the future to understand that computer chips, hybrid motors and airbags are a something to be tolerated, not something to asprire to.
We need to let them experience why our generation and those before us yearned for the open road.
You can't pack enough Car Czars in a Prius to make it cool. It can only be a wimpering, pitiful substitute for what inspired us to come to this point.
Don't pass on the opportunity to show someone a little younger than you why full size sedans and motorcycles with (GASP!) carburetors are something to be adored, not the raw materials for the overseas manufacturing of cool, shiny pedal powered vendors' carts to peddle a vegan menu lunch to an expanded legion of EPA employees in a city far away....


  1. Mr. Kross-do you have any experience with older model jags?Please advise.

  2. Please see photos above. That's a 64 jag there. As soon as we got that grill back on we went for a ride....

  3. Mark,

    I truley am impressed. Well done sir, well done.


  4. That Mark guy needs to play more golf. ;^}

  5. mr. thread-can you give us an update on your less that fuel efficient -snowmobile engine rebuild?proud of you man-large footprint equals torque!