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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Everyone needs a long term project

So we've established that I can't say no to a project regardless of how good a job it has done proving itself to be a dead end deal. Old Fords hold particular sway with me.
A few years ago, I tried to buy a 27 Model T touring car from my friend and neighbor, Don. He had actually owned the car since the early sixties when he and his car club buddies had bought the car for a little of nothing and used it for knocking around and local parades, etc.
After they had thrashed it out, it spent some serious time waiting for its new hoorah in the corner of Don's barn. I looked at it politely and talked about what a great car it was for several years. Finally, I couldn't take it any more. I had to quit circling and go for the kill. I asked Don if he would be interested in selling the car. He was very polite, but told me he just couldn't sell it.
Time passed, and then one day he stopped by the house with a proposal. He suggested that we take joint ownership and restore it as a joint project. It made sense somehow and shortly thereafter, the car ended up in my barn.
Work, keeping up around the house and time with the kids has kept me from making any serious progress on the T, but it's here, it's safe and I will conquer it one day....

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