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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here I thought it was just a trinket

Turns out I didn't just buy any old cement statue. Ended up being St. Windowlynn of the Pane... the patron saint of barn windows.

I had been searching for the last five years for replacement windows for the barn. I have eleven old tilt-in Star-line windows that all had marginal sashes in them. Three had actually fallen apart and been replaced with hunks of particle board to keep the snow out.

I have been meaning to have someone build me some replacements, but my Dutch nature has steered me away from spending 50-75 bucks a copy to have them made.

Well... not three days after bringing the new barn buddy home, I walked into Menards and found windows the exact correct size (I have looked there before and there was nothing close).

I brought eleven brand new ready to install windows home for $15 bucks a copy.

Thanks, St. Windowlynn....

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