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Sunday, January 17, 2010

So Did I Ever Mention I like Sidecars?

To date, I have only ever had one sidehack bike (bringouturdead-see top picture) licensed and on the road, but I have started and stopped several projects. I bought a hack from Alex in New York that was to go on the original '70 Goose. I sold that to Brad and bought a newer velorex 562 hack from a local shop. Then to finance the Indian project everything was sold. Last winter I picked up the '71 Ambo and later at Davenport bought what seemed like a great body for a hack. Just this fall I snagged another old Hack for it also.
That's where I was up through the weekend. Then yesterday I travelled with Tommy up to the NW Detroit suburbs and came home with a rather unintentional '80 FLH Harley with an OEM hack. I'll give that its own entry after a blast from the past on current hacks and hacks of yore....

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  1. Hey.
    That last picture looks like the hack bolted to my CB 750.
    Oh, it is.