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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow- NW Ohio Style

Nothing messes up an old barn with a northern exposure more than a Northeast howling wind and four or five inches of snow in NW Ohio. Five foot drifts and no snow at all around 'em... Gimme the UP any day...


  1. I tried to post last weekend and failed.


    Gotta love that C6H8.
    Really nice mad bomber, eh.
    Explain why the front fender is offn that motorcicle. Are you gonna bob it? or chop it? or can't you keep your hands off'n nothin . . . nohow.
    Ummmmm, sorry. No snappy comment.
    Is that a Buck card hangin on your wall ? If'n you chat with him, ask him if he remembers a gold morris from ought6.

    you're still my hero.......


  2. Ha! Yep.. a buck card. We could probably get a shipping discount if my unit trump joe hunt unit there since ought five shipped in the same box (sigh)