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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Girding For Winter

Made some more progress in my mini workshop/tool room in the barn. I still have the larger bays but this room will have room for the Bridgeport, the South Bend, a seven foot workbench and my handi-lift or a motor stand for bike projects or a car engine rebuild.  photo 3964ea3f1867f6efcd4f6b66645c0085_zpsb9ac2230.jpg  photo 38ffc6bfc92981f441fda300b9c2734a_zps722e88bf.jpg Over time, I partitioned off the room and insulated it in the walls and ceiling. I got the heater fired for the first time Saturday  photo 8b34c7967e7680a4efb10fc494414182_zps04a3f76c.jpg I have had tunes out here but always draped over shit and in the way. Picked up an ultra-chic shelf at goodwill for a buck and got the tunage up out of the way.  photo 2eb3968df020da614c3fe338dc7a1aa3_zps87d6a496.jpg I THINK it will be a nice place to work, but I have confirmed that it's a great place to drink beer and listen to music... :?

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