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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shovel on the lift....

The "monster shovel" is on the lift for a little work to get it on the road. The 5 gallon tanks custom painted by Isaac are off to be returned and the new speedo is on.

Here's the "new 3.5 gal tanks that I picked up from cuppy at Wauseon.

Isaac's neat tanks ready to return...

And some sweet old FL fenders from Doug. Rear may go on soon, but I will probablt wait for winter to go FL with the front end.

Shop is still a mess, but it's my kinda mess...

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  1. 8:57 . . . . AM or PM is the question. Some light outside the window . . . no beer cans on the bike lift . . . I gotta go with AM.
    Oh, and, getcha some help, eh. Anyone who would mount a sidecar on a generator needs it.
    ps - I still love the paint on those tanks.