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Monday, September 13, 2010

So yeah, I'm a Luddite... what's it to ya?

I know a number of people will pay the long dollar to put one of these in. I just couldn't feel it.

Now let's get that goofy thing outta there...

I think the good lord intended for centrifugal advance in shovels...

I like the looks of these a lot better...

It seemed somehow disingenuous to hide electronic crap behind this point cover. I feel better now...


  1. I'm worried about a shovel/goose/Indian rider that uses the word "disingenuous"........

    I love the tunes and love the site. ROCK ON MARK!!

  2. Oh crap. Gettin kinda crowded in here. Can't hardly get a type in here sideways.

    Dutch, endeavor to percivere. It fits ya.



  3. Nice Job Dutch much better..hope all is well buddy